Second Haus of Whom

In 2021 Second Haus of Whom aka S.H.O.W. was created. Brenda, Jasper, Linz and me met through a message from a local theater “de Nieuwe Vorst” through their curators “Krakers” if people were interested to organize drag events. We hitted of and became a non profit drag-queer collective who support (starting) drag performers and create a space where they can perform. During our events we try to educate people about the drag and queer world. 

At our events we encourage people to be what they want to be. Drag and queerness is not a fixed stage. We open our playgrounds to discover and to be mesmerized.

We have organized bingo’s, queercinema, dugeons and dragqueens, pub quiz, queer oasis and more. 

I love that we can provide a open space where people can discover their identity and art form. 

We don’t specify on what drag is. We invited to discover that by themselves. We present drag creatures that love to present their art form on a stage.

Drag ties in with my personal art practice, my love for storytelling and art performances. 

We all are really passionate about creating a space that was lacking in our nearby environment and we have so much more events we want to create.

The Carousel Institute of Arts

The Carousel Institute of Arts aka C.I.A. is a art collective located in England. We met through my residency with them at the Painted Wagons. 

The (C.I.A.) is located between Derbyshire and Gwynedd. We create, curate and produce a range of exhibitions, films and experiences. 

The main focus of the C.I.A. is bonding with the environment we are surrounded with. We have a love for storytelling. 

We take our silliness serious. Throughout the years we showed our collective work at serval art fairs and art spaces. 

The preferred mediums we work with is costume design, art films, sculptural décor, art performances and experiences.


Through the years I participated in several projects of other artists.

At the “Venice Biennale” I performed the art piece of Jelili Atiku

I was a model for Bas Koster “sex dolls”.

Performed the art pieces of Simone Forti at “De Vleeshal”.

I was photo model for Marianna Grace.

Performed a art piece of Joyce Overheul at “Art Rotterdam”.

Maybe there are more to come…